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Essential Oils and Hormone Imbalance

Menopause is a very physical and emotional problem that most women will have to go through. This is a challenging time for most of them. They will have to find something that will help them get them the help and relief that they need.

There are some ways to relieve the pain by using aromatherapy for a great method of treatment. You can find many of the wonderful essential oils that will make you feel better and calmer when you are dealing with cramps and stomach problems.

Note: Essential oils are powerful and some can be irritating, they are usually used in a carrier oil before used on the skin or dispensed in an aromatherapy diffuser.

Agitation~ juniper

Anxiety~ rosewood, verbena, geranium, German chamomile, marjoram, lavender, Spanish sage, ylang ylang, vetivert, violet, patchouli, oregano, coridander, frankincense, or geranium

Anxiety and fear massage oil~ bergmot, geranium and clary sage

Appetite suppressant~ patchouli

Arthritis/osteoarthritis massage oil~ lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and thyme

Energizing~ ginger

Revitalizing~ orange

Bladder infection~ parsley

Slow breathing~ frankincense

Stimulate circulation~ cumin, geranium or lime

Enhance collagen formation~ orange

Enhance concentration~ cardamom or eucalyptus

Foot bath for leg cramps~ geranium, lavender, and cypress

Depression~ nutmeg, bergamot, clove, Spanish sage, red thyme, verbena, ylang ylang, rose, patchouli, celery, or cinnamon

Reduce fatigue~ white thyme, lavender, Spanish sage, violet, rosemary, rose, pine, pimento, patchouli, oregano, nutmeg, fir or ginger

Body Rub~ lavender, grapefruit and coriander

Releasing menopausal fears~ lavender

Strengthening the heart~ rose, neroli, aniseed, coriander, geranium, lavender or marigold masage front of torso in clockwise direction: geranium, hyssop, peppermint and rosemary

Heartburn~ cardomom

Hormonal imbalance~ Spanish sage or fennel

Hotflashes~ massage oil: clary sage, geranium, lemon, and sage

Hypertension (high blood pressure)~ yarrow, ylang ylang, rose, camphor, celery, clary sage, garlic or lavender

Insomnia~ linden blossom, lavender, violet, sandalwood, oregano, neroli, chamomile, dill, lavender or linden

Stiff joints~ oregano or bergamot

Irritability~ cardamom

Cleanse the lympathic system~ angelica, bergamot, frankincense or garlic

Enhance memory~ patchouli, white thyme, rosemary, cloves, red thyme, citronella, coriander, cypress, or ginger

Mood swings~ lavender, patchouli, cypress, or linden

Muscle spasms~ petitgrain, carrot seed, cinnamon jasmine or lavender

Osteoporosis~ bath: ginger, chamomile, rosemary, fennel, lemon, thyme, or hyssop massage for joints: ginger, nutmeg, carrot and Roman chamomile

Lose weight~ patchouli, juniper or mandarin

Recurring dreams~ sandalwood

Restlessness~ juniper

Releasing sexual blocks~ sandalwood, rosewood, rose, nutmeg, myrtle, cardamom, clary sage, cumin or jasmine
celery: restores libido

Reduce stress~ carrot, orange, neroli, Roman chamomile, lemongrass or sweet marjoram

Enhance thyroid function~ garlic

Overcome trauma or childhood trauma~ white thyme, cajuput (after emotional mental or psychic attack)
nutmeg (childhood trauma)

Uterine hemorrhage or other uterine conditions~ hemorrhage: frankincense other uterine conditions: rose, jasmine, melissa or geranium

Vaginal irritation~ tea tree

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